Sunday, April 29, 2012

Back to the Basics & 4 months pictures

So in my last post I said that I was in a good routine now, but I am finding, that I am getting a little too comfortable with it and pushing my limits with food.  I am not going crazy or anything, and really doing nothing bad, I am just pushing it to my limit, which may be why I am not seeing the numbers I would like to see.  I am still losing and that is great, but I realized I need to get back to the basics when I first started and was super strict about what I was eating and snacking on.  So for this next week I am making myself a promise to snack super healthy and to plan out my meals for the week in advance.  That is another area I have been slacking in.  I have not done good with my meal planning, which is an area that can get me into trouble.  Planning and organization has forever and will forever be a struggle for me, but I know that when I have planned ahead, I have SO much more success with things.  Why then is it so hard to do, I will never understand. 

Something else I have kind of lost sight of, which helped me so much in the beginning, is the Sponsor side of Sponsor Me Slim.  I have talked in more depth about what it is in this post, but I will give you a quick version of what it is.  Sponsor Me Slim has teamed up with Nourish the Children to help slim down America, while at the same time feed the starving children of the world.  This has really proven to be a great motivating tool for not only me, but everyone involved with the program.  So I have decided to step out of my comfort zone once again and ask you all for sponsors.  So many of you have already helped me out with this, and I am so grateful to you, but for those of you who have not yet, I am asking for your help.  The way it works is I have a goal set to lose 160 pounds, you pledge me for any amount you want, and when I reach my goal of 160 pounds lost, I collect the money, and 100% of it goes to feed starving kids.  How awesome is that!!  I can't wait for the day to help those little kids and I need your help to do it.  If you would like to pledge/sponsor me, please send me an email ( with your sponsor amount.  Thank you so much for all your help and support!!

 Now for my four month picture reveal.  I would like to note that the jeans I am wearing in these pictures are 4 sizes smaller than the ones I am wearing in my starting pictures.  Woot, woot!!  I told Tyler today that he better start saving his money, because when I lose all my weight I just might take up clothes shopping as a hobby.  Oh and I almost forgot two exciting things that happened this week.  I ran my first mile, with out stopping or walking, yay, and I hit the 70lbs. gone forever mark, double yay!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Slow and Steady

So I realize that I have not posted for the past couple of weeks.  I just really haven't felt like I had anything to share to be honest with you.  No I have not given up or anything, I have just kind of settled into my routine and there is really nothing exciting to say about it.  I am eating healthy and exercising regularly and losing weight slow and steady.  I am now one week shy of four months and am down 64.4 lbs.  I am averaging about 2.5 lbs. a week right now, which I am happy with, but I would really like to be in the 3-4lb range.  I will definitely take what I can get though.  
I am currently getting ready for my 5K that I will be running on May 19th.  I have definitely seen an improvement in that area and am actually kind of excited to do it now.  Another fun thing is that I have found several more articles of clothing that fit me again.  That for me has been a big help in motivation.  When I look at myself I still just see this big fat girl, and it is hard to see the progress when looking in the mirror.  I know I am doing great and making good progress, but it is just hard to break away from that mental image I have of myself.  So to be able to fit into smaller clothes has been a big help in realizing that it really is happening.  
This past month I also took second place in a contest they were doing at Sponsor Me Slim.  I won an ageloc galvanic spa system which I am super excited to start using.  My face and skin could definitely use some help.
I am really trying hard to just live normal and not think so much all the time about what I am doing.  Obviously it takes a lot of thought and time, but I am trying to really live my new lifestyle and just be OK with what it is.  I have realized that this is something I will forever struggle with, but if I can get comfortable with the idea that this is just how it is, then I feel I will have more success over the duration of my life.  Overall I am feeling better every day and looking to the future with excitement at all the things that will be mine.  Thanks again to everyone for your continued support!!