Friday, February 3, 2012

Weigh In Day!!

Thursdays are my weigh in day, and I am happy to report after last weeks two pound gain, that I am down 5.4 pounds this week.  Which is an overall loss of 33 pounds.  I will definitely take that.  I will admit though that somewhere in the back of my mind I am a little disappointed, because it is now coming off a lot slower than it did in the beginning.  My first goal was to have 30 off in a month, which I did, but my second goal is to have 50 off in two months.  With only two weeks to go and 17 more pounds to lose, I realize now that is probably not going to happen.  I am learning to not be attached to the number though and to focus on my actions and how I am feeling.  I have not mastered that yet but am making progress.  I am also happy to report that I have lost 17.5 inches as well.  I have more energy and just feel so much better.  I am so grateful everyday to have found this program and for the amazing changes it is making in not only my life, but my families life.  
I have to share a cute story about Logan that happened this week.  On Wednesday it was the kids parent teacher conferences, and I usually bring the teachers some kind of treat when we go.  Tyler asked Logan if he wanted to bring a treat for his teacher, and he said, "No we better not because she might be trying to eat healthy right now."  He said that because he had noticed that she wasn't drinking soda anymore in class and since I quit drinking soda to be more healthy, he put the two together.  I thought that was so cute and thoughtful and makes me very happy to see he is learning.  Now only if he would eat his veggies.

I have a random favor to ask of you guys, really for no reason at all, but if you are following along, would you please subscribe over there on the right side column.  Thanks again SO much for all your support.  I know I say this a lot, but I really truly couldn't be doing this with out all the support from everyone.  Thank You Thank You!!

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