Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nourish the Children

I want to take a few minutes to share with your a very important part of the program I am doing. Sponsor Me Slim has paired up with a program called Nourish the Children and together we can balance the scales of injustice. Half the world is dying of starvation and the other half is dying of obesity. Every 6 seconds someone dies of malnutrition and every 7 seconds someone dies from complications from type 2 diabetes. Those who die from malnutrition don't have a choice, where as those who die from type 2 diabetes have a choice to change. Together we can change both problems with one program. Nourish the children has made a product called vitameal, which is specially formulated for malnourished children. So how the program works is this: I have, from my starting weight, 160 pounds to lose. I am asking you to sponsor/pledge me for any amount. I do not collect the money until I lose all 160 pounds, and then all the money goes to buy vitameal to help nourish the starving children all over the world. I know with out a doubt that this program will help me, as it keeps me accountable to not only you, but all those children out there that I can help. So again, your do not pay me anything until I have reached my goal, and all your money is going to Nourish the Children. This is so much bigger than me and you, but together we can make a difference. Please take a few minutes to watch these videos and learn more.

Thank you so much to all of you who have already sponsored me. Together we have raised enough money to feed 6 kids for an entire year. I hope to see that number go up as I continue through out this journey. I couldn't be doing this with out all of your support.

You can leave your pledge in a comment here, email it to me ( or call me with it.

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